Mom-to-be Dipika Kakar diagnosed with gestational diabetes: ‘I was scared when I first heard…’

Mom-to-be and tv actor Dipika Kakar in her latest vlog revealed that she has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Dipika is anticipating her first little one with husband and actor Shoaib Ibrahim.

In the vlog posted on her YouTube channel, Dipika opened up about her well being situation. She shared, “I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This sort of diabetes develops between twenty fourth and twenty eighth week of being pregnant. Even ladies who haven’t diabetes earlier than, they’re additionally on the threat of getting one of these diabetes throughout being pregnant. That’s what has occurred with me. In my latest blood studies, my sugar ranges had been fairly excessive. I do have gestational diabetes.”

The actor shared that her preliminary response was whether or not she had too many mangoes or gave into her sweets craving. She stated, “The first thought is all the time the place did I go flawed, what did I do flawed. My first thought was whether or not I had too many mangoes, or sweets or rice. At the identical time, I knew that I was asking the physician what to eat and what to not eat, I was additionally cautious. It occurs, it is extremely regular. You don’t get gestational diabetes due to what you ate or did in the previous few months. Till now what is thought to be the explanation of gestational diabetes is that because the child grows, because the placenta grows and releases a a number of hormones which trigger insulin resistance which implies that your sugar ranges turn out to be a bit excessive. That is the explanation you develop gestational diabetes.”

Speaking about how she’s now taking good care of herself to maintain her sugar ranges below management, Dipika Kakar shared, “Gestational diabetes is usually detected between 24 and 28 weeks of being pregnant. The advantage of that is which you can get it below management by beginning tablets, being strict with your weight-reduction plan positively, like I have to chop sugars and rice, no exterior sugars. Even in fruits I can solely have apples and pears, no dates, nothing meetha, no bread, no bakery (gadgets). These are the restrictions that we’ll consider. Exercise is of utmost significance, now, as you’ll know I stroll for one hour, now I’ll attempt to stroll a bit after dinner as nicely. Anyway, strolling is one of the best ways to manage diabetes.”

Dipika, who typically shares updates on her being pregnant, then confessed that she was nervous when she first heard about her diabetes analysis. “Obviously when you get to know that you just’ve bought diabetes, gestational diabetes that too, you are likely to get scared and nervous. But my physician has stated that the assessments we did yesterday had been vital. He stated, ‘Now that we all know that you’re diabetic, we are able to care for it now. If we don’t then it may be an issue sooner or later.’ I am in my third trimester now, and that is the time when the newborn grows actually quick. I should watch out and aware. I should be very lively, that’s a very powerful factor,” the 36-year-old stated.

“For the first three months I was prescribed full mattress relaxation, then by the tip of the fourth month my physician instructed me that I am free to do no matter I wish to. I should now care for it. My threat issue is a bit more as a result of my mom is a diabetic, so I should be a bit bit extra cautious. I have been given correct medicines. I have been instructed to make a number of way of life modifications. I additionally purchased a machine to check sugar stage after each meal,” Dipika Kakar concluded.


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